Olivia Gambelin

ai ethicist and founder of ethical intelligence
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Olivia is an AI Ethicist

who works with entrepreneurs to ensure emerging technology is designed with human values at the core. 

Originally from the Silicon Valley, Olivia began her career working in digital strategy for tech startups. Following her graduation from the Honors College of Baylor University with a BA in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship, Olivia moved overseas to pursue the opportunity to expand her international network as a GDPR and data privacy researcher in Brussels. This experience prompted her return to academia to obtain her MSc in Philosophy, concentration in AI Ethics, at the University of Edinburgh. During her time in Scotland, Olivia co-founded the Beneficial AI Society and completed her dissertation with distinction on the effects of probability on the moral responsibility of autonomous cars.


Currently, Olivia works as the Chief Executive Officer of Ethical Intelligence where she leads a remote team of over forty experts in the Tech Ethics field. Additionally, she is on the Founding Editorial Board for Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics Journal, Co-Chair of IEEE’s AI Expert Network Criteria Committee, and is an External Advisor to Save the Children [US] Ethics Review Committee. 

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currently working on:

Bravery in the
face of technology

A blueprint for the new era of tech

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Agile as a Vehicle for Values: A Value Sensitive Design Toolkit

Preprint; 2021

Brave: What it means to be an AI Ethicist

Published in Springer Nature's AI & Ethics Journal; 2020

The rise of employee monitoring in the workplace

Published in Forbes Romania; 2020

An Intuition Band-Aid: 
Applying Probability to the Moral Responsibility Gap

Falsehoods programmers believe about ethics

Published by Ethical Intelligence; 2019

ethics for computer scientists

Published by the Beneficial AI Society; 2018

Host of the
Ethics Equation

How do you solve for ethics in tech? A blend of expert interviews and ethics application techniques, this is a podcast designed to upskill technologists and founders to tackle modern ethical challenges in our digital world. Join Ethical Intelligence as we explore the values needed to solve the Ethics Equation.

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