Why I won’t settle for my dreams

Before you start wondering if I have gone crazy, aspetta per uno momento. Let’s take a second for a quick flashback. 

Where was Olivia a year ago today?

She was living in the great state of Texas, powering through her final year at hyper speed through Baylor University. She spent her time bouncing between one of three jobs, sorority events, and the general social obligations of a young twenty something. Oh, and don’t forget to add in there heartbreak recovery and graduation denial. To say she was busy would be an understatement.

If you had asked this Olivia where she saw herself in year she would have answered somewhere along the scripted lines of ‘oh you know, working a steady job, living in a city with some friends, maybe having a hunky boyfriend somewhere in that mix.’

But if you really wanted to know what she had hoped for, then you would have had to ask this Olivia what her dreams were for the next year of her life. Then you would have gotten a whole monologue involving traveling through Europe and working as a freelancer and befriending all sorts of interesting people. If you had asked Olivia a year ago today, these would have been those wild dreams she was trying to find the courage to chase.

Oh Olivia, if you only knew what you had in store for you.

Flash forward a year to the here and now.

Am I living the life I thought I would? Do I have a steady job, renting my own apartment with some friends from college, dating a tall, dark, and handsome intellectual? No, not even close. What about my wildest dreams, am I living those? Am I landing in a new country every few days, living out of hostels and surviving on street food? Once again, not even close.

But am I disappointed? Am I upset that I am not where I thought I’d be a year ago today? Am I frustrated that I’m not living out the dreams I had so meticulously planned?

Come si dice “HELL NO!!” in italiano?

Davvero I am the farthest thing from disappointed. Because how in the world would I have been able to dream up where I am today?

Here I am, engraining myself in my favorite city in the world, perfecting my second language while truly embracing my roots, working on the fulfilling process of launching a new media project targeted at inspiring artists, and meeting some of the most wholesome people this world has to offer. Did I mention I get to tell people I’m living in Rome on a digital art residency and that I have three day weekends set aside for either travel or exploring the wonders of this city through the eyes of the locals?

My goodness, in what world could I have ever dreamed up something so truly amazing?

Now you see why I will never settle for my dreams again. Sure, I still spend afternoons coming up with adventures for my future and plans on how to chase them. I was born a dreamer, it’s in my blood. But now I trust that God has so much more in store for me than I could ever imagine.

Why would I ever want to settle on just my dreams when I know I am capable of a life so far beyond them? 

So screw finding the courage to follow your dreams.

I hope you find the courage to leave your dreams in the dust. I hope you wake up in the morning wondering how in the world you are so lucky to be where you are in life.

I hope that you never settle for even your wildest dreams.

I used to fill my future with nerves and back-up plans. Now I fill it with a single challenge:

Bring it on.